Gil "Arma-Gil-O"

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Gil "Arma-Gil-O"

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Name: Gil "Arma-Gil-O"
Age: 22
Nationality: American
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 131 lbs
Alignment: Face (Neutral/Chaotic Good)
Style: Smothers, Chaos
Preferred Matches: Smother, Humiliation, and Bra and Panties

Gil's Twitter


Gil has a relatively small build, narrow shoulders and a curve in the hips. She has smaller arms, but makes up for it with strong legs, and of course, she prides herself on her round backside!
Casual Attire
Casual Attire 1
Casual Attire 2
Gym Attire
Ring Attire
Main Attire
Bra And Panties Match
Honorary Swat Cat
Personality & Bio

Gil started her wrestling career out on a whim, she had always been athletic, most notably playing hockey and softball, so transitioning over to wrestling just seemed like a step into another sport for her! She started out by joining a smaller, local, association, only taking on a hand-full of matches in her time, but she managed to win all of her matches!

One of her opponents, who she faced, and defeated, three different times, introduced her to L.A.W, and suggested she consider taking her talents there, she was hesitant at first, the big lights and grand stage was a bit much to take in, but her interest was at the very least, piqued.

She convinced herself to join, after seeing all the fun she could have, and all the faces in the roster that she recognized! The SWAT Kats, Karen Starring, and Ducky Williams, someone she had looked up to, and was the biggest influence for her style of smothers, and ultimately the duck feather that tipped the scale over to her joining in on all the fun L.A.W had to offer...!

Gil's personality can be described with a good hand-full of words; Cheerful, kind, talkative, loud, and obnoxious to some...! Gil can be a bit much for some to handle at times, and is rarely someone people have a neutral opinion on. People either adore her, or despise her...!


Upper-body Strength: ♥ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ - It's lacking, to say the least...!

Lower-body Strength: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ - Her days of playing hockey and softball are to thank for her outstanding lower-body strength!

Speed: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Gil can zip around the ring with the best of them, and maybe even out-flash them...!

Defense: ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡ ♡ - Gil's luck is much better in attempting to evade rather than take a hit had on or try blocking it.

Endurance: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ - Her ability to bounce back from taking a beating is as much a downfall as it is a perk, as it will often lead to her being weaker, and slower, and just end in her getting even more of a beating... But at least she can say she got up...!

Signature Moves

Stinkface - Sometimes you can't beat a classic!

Marshmallow Press - A variation of the classic stinkface, that when her opponents are kneeling, or on their knees, she takes their arm through her legs, leaving the rest of their body behind her while she pulls on their arm, forcing their head into her butt!

Dew Drop - While her opponent is on their back, she stands over their head, before dropping her butt onto their face, hooking their legs under her arms and pinning them!

To The Moon - While her opponent is laying on their back, Gil will take both of their arms and lifts them up, right into her butt!

Smell The Roses - A variant of the figure-four headscissors, where her opponent is on their knees, or kneeling, while Gil squeezes tight, forcing their face into her butt!

Princess's Throne - While her opponent is standing up right in the corner of the ring, Gil will sit atop their face, pinning their head down against the top turnbuckle!

Likes and Dislikes


Hockey, she is a lifetime fan, and player! She even take inspiration from hockey into wrestling!

Playing the drums, she finds it to not only be very therapeutic, but also surprisingly great exercise!


Being mean, she can't bring herself to do it!

Wedgies, one of her opponents from back before she joined L.A.W is to thank for that...!

Spankings, she totally "doesn't" like those...

Record and Relationships

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Re: Gil "Arma-Gil-O"

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Gil's first ever time hopping into the ring against Danielle Degardin...! (WIN)

Gil ends her second match in L.A.W as the loser against Fenrir...! (LOSS)

Gil partakes in her first ever smother match against Peaches and Cream...! (LOSS)

Gil goes toe-to-toe with Gil in a battle for the namesake...! (LOSS)

The stinkfacathon commences with Gil going up against the wonderful Harmonia Edelsein...! (LOSS)

Gil bites off a little more than she can chew in a bra and panties match against her new 'mentor' and Lightweight Champion; Rose Gold...! (LOSS)

In a battle of boobs and butts, Gil takes on Alcina Demitrescu...! (WIN)

Gil attempts to shake that pesky jobber status against Ossi Shamar...! (WIN)

Gil struggles to hold her own against Mara Ashford...! (LOSS)

Gil get more than she bargained for against Bonbon the Smothering Clown...! (LOSS)

The Great Armagilo and The Queen of the Sky clash in a smother-filled bout...! (LOSS)

The Rebel and The Goat go at it as Gil squares off against Sachiko Koizumi...! (LOSS)

Gil get's knocked the ⬛⬛⬛⬛ out by Riana-O Reilly...! (LOSS)

A grueling, pain and humiliation-filled bout takes place as Karla Reinhardt takes Gil as her dog...! (LOSS)

Two of the youngest and newest rising stars of L.A.W square-off against one another in a smother match between Gil and Newbie Nuo...! (LOSS)

The bully becomes the bullied in Carroll Covett's debut against Gil...! (WIN)

Friend becomes foe in the smothery showdown against Sydney Hendrix...! (WIN)

The Seamstress of the ring rips as many holes as she repairs as Gwen takes on Gil...! (LOSS)

Anaya Suzuki dominated Gil in everyway imaginable in her glorious debut...! (LOSS)

Gil shoots and scores in a three-way battle of the bunnies against both Ecchan and Lunar...! (DISQUALIFIED)

Gil squares off in her very first PPV on the sunny beaches of LA against the beautiful Amelie Roux...! (LOSS)

Gil faces L.A.W's newest, and most egotistical heel: Emaline: The Emerald Viper...! (LOSS)

In a smother-filled battle between a bunny and a goat, only one will reign supreme! Coco takes on Gil in her debut! (ONGOING)

Sweet meets sweet in a quick match against Selene Sugar...! (LOSS)

The Smother Tour begins against idol turned wrestler: Courage Takemi...! (WIN)

Gil takes on Elm and Freya in a handicap match...! (LOSS)

The Smother Tour continues against the stunning and powerful smothery heavyweight: Honie B. Bea...! (WIN)

Gil learns a lesson or two in the next chapter of the Smother Tour against Wicke Sykes...! (WIN)

Hatsume Ryo and Gil both smile for the camera's as the Smother Tour continues with an interesting twist...! (WIN)

Gil does everything within her power to humiliate Monica in this submission match...! (ONGOING)

A fierce rivalry reaches it's boiling point in this table match against Liger...! (WIN)

The Smother Tour nears it's summit as Gil takes on one of the Smothering Queens: Yuna Matou...! (ONGOING)

The Smother Tour concludes in an epic gauntlet against many challengers in a battle to out-smother the best of them, in hopes of claiming the title of the best smother-er L.A.W has ever seen...! (ONGOING)

Gil discovers some secret weaknesses of her foe as she takes on Shego...! (ONGOING)

With Christmas just around the corner, Gil goes toe-to-toe against a her friend, Harmonia Edelstein in a best of 5 holiday showdown...! (ONGOING)

Yoro and Gil clash in a battle of the asses in this smother smackdown...! (ONGOING)

Gil tries to extinguish the Blue Flame as she takes on Ichika Rei...! (ONGOING)

Gil goes back up against Aella in a rematch as she attempts to salvage her pride...! (ONGOING)

Gil steps into the intergender circuit to take on the pretty boy: Jamie Harper in a humiliation-fest...! (ONGOING)

Gil gets her yearly check-up early against Valentine...! (ONGOING)

The rivalry against Liger reaches it's conclusion in this best of 3 match...! (ONGOING)

Let the Horn Wars commence...! Gil and takes on her pal Amano in an intense battle where neither one holds back...! (ONGOING)

Karen Starring somehow finds herself facing-off against Gil in a one-of-a-kind match...! (ONGOING)

Gil goes up against Karbon Mannering and in the process destroys his pride...! (ONGOING)

Gil settles things against Thereisa in a no-hold-bared match...! (ONGOING)

Emaline looks to solidify her dominance over Gil in this ironman match rematch...! (ONGOING)

L.A.W's biggest fangirl: Shiori Takeda, takes on one of her favorites stars, Gil...! (ONGOING)

Heather Sunderland steps in the ring against Gil to see who can out-smother who...! (ONGOING)

Everyone's favorite rascal: Skylar Jones, takes on her pal, Gil, in a highly anticipated match-up...! (ONGOING)

Gil squares-off against her idol: Ducky in her biggest match yet...! (ONGOING)

Gil steps back into the ring for the first time since deciding to focus more on being a writer for L.A.W magazine to join the APEX and take on her old friend, Tetsumi Hoshino...! (ONGOING)

Gil goes against L.A.W's newest and biggest jobber, Grace Moore in the APEX...! (ONGOING)

Gil squares-off against the idol: Barbara, in a bedroom-smother match in the APEX...! (ONGOING)
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